At Enigma, all starting cleaners follow the extensive onboarding via the tablet. With the tablet, employees are trained in risky tasks and safety. But also matters that are important for business operations, such as where to report.

The cleaner must first read or view every command on the tablet, think about the answer, and then act. So very interactive. If the answer is incorrect, the participant is guided by the correct answer.

The onboarding training is made by Bolster Safety and includes several tailor-made training courses for Enigma. An additional advantage of Bolster is that effective working time is better utilized. Working on the industry often involves waiting time. This is even between 35 and 50 percent of oil company operators! The rest of the time is spent on things like following instructions and filling in forms, but above all; to wait. For example on the right parts or permission. Sin. Why not reduce that time and use it for safety training.