Successful pilot SAM at Geerdink and Enigma (SAM is now called: Bolster)
Geerdink and Enigma have participated in the SAM pilot, Safety at Mainport, in recent months. Ten of our colleagues have been introduced to the digital learning environment.

But first of all … What is SAM? SAM is an interactive online tool and was developed with research institute TNO and Malmberg. With the tablet, employees are trained in risky tasks and safety. This Safety App serves as addition and possible alternative to the periodic safety exams.

An additional advantage of SAM is that effective working time is better utilized. Working on the industry often involves waiting time. This is even between 35 and 50 percent of oil company operators! The rest of the time is spent on things like following instructions and filling in forms, but above all; to wait. For example on the right parts or permission. Sin. Why not reduce that time and use it for safety training?

The pilot is now over. It took some getting used to for our colleagues, digital learning. But in general, people are positive and they find it more fun and educational than the traditional toolboxes. We will officially start with SAM from March. Want to know more about SAM? Look at