The construction of our new location is in full swing. We have now reached the highest point and we expect to move to Brielle together with Geerdink at the end of this year. From then on we can say that we work from a 100% energy neutral business building with zero on the meter! This means that with our new building we generate as much (or even more) energy as we need.

This is achieved by placing more than 600 solar panels on the roof surface. This means that energy is no longer needed from the grid, in fact, we can supply it back to the grid. The office is equipped with a centrally balanced ventilation system with heat recovery. For the office function, the building is equipped with a high insulation value for the facade elements. For example, the all-glass facade will be fitted with triple glazing and aluminum slats. This creates an enormous heat reduction for incident light.

It was also decided not to make a gas connection. Top cooling is used in the building itself. This smart installation means that you do not have radiators, but that heating and cooling come from the ceiling.