It is the shock of every excavator operator … a colleague who unexpectedly shows up in his blind spot. But how do you prevent this dangerous behavior? And how do you get through to this colleague? The interactive toolbox offers a solution.

The SHEQ department of Geerdink and Enigma are working – together with TNO – on the second generation of toolboxes. The first results have been incorporated in the interactive toolbox below.

The work situation was simulated during this interactive toolbox. Employees undergo the danger in a safe test setup and discuss their experiences afterward. This increases the chance that they will show safe behavior in practice. The colleague – who normally works near the excavator – sits down on the driver’s seat. Other colleagues will stand near the excavator. Who do you see from the cabin? And that is a shock. The colleague now experiences how poor the view from the cabin is. Afterward, discussions are held with each other, and interaction is provoked. This learning experience creates a memory that will stay with him for a long time.

We will continue to develop the interactive toolbox further, together with TNO. We keep you informed of developments through our social media channels and our website.